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Top 10 Trusted Website to check keyword position for free

Check Keyword Rank
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Check Keyword Rank

Confused about the fact that what is your keyword position in Google? Looking for the best websites to check the keyword position, well then you are at the right place from where you can extract these sorts of knowledge in a go. According to me and also from the words of so-called “Pro-Bloggers”, it’s a statement that one of the essential part of SEO is to find the right keyword and on the other hand to rank it.

So let us stick to the basic and urge a bit about this topic before heading to “check the keyword position part”. Well once you have used your desired “Keyword research tool” to find the best keywords to target for your audience then ahead to the writing part. Write the article, make sure that it creates sense and head away to the “On-page optimization” part so that the article is targeted with the desired keywords so that you get maximum conversion out from it.

Well you are done with the biggest part, now it is hepatic to manually place your keywords and to search it at different search engines owing to different countries and all so for that we need something that’s automated and risk free with the potential of giving out accurate results. In those cases we need some trusted “Website to check keyword position” so let’s begin, there’s nothing to wait for.

Check Keyword Position In SmallSEO Tools #10

SmallSEOTool a perfect companion for blogger of all platforms be are you a link builder or a marketer or an influencer be what you are. In order to check keyword position in smallseotools you simply need to got to the url ““, a mighty popup with different services will raise upon. Click on “Keyword checker”, It will facilitate you to check for three well known search engines called as Google, Bing and Yahoo. So simply place the url and check your standings at this three search engines.

Note: You Can Only Check Your Keyword 25 Times In A Single Day.  

Check Keyword Position In Free Monitor for Google #9

Well this is a product of a so called reputed website called “Clever Stat”. You can easily download this program by following this link here

This tool is avail on both Mac and Windows so download now and let us know how you are coping with it.

Check Keyword Position In Keywords Bay #8

Well checking specific keywords was never so easy, after this website was launched. It doesn’t comes up with most promising features rather help us to simply check our keyword standing by placing our domain name. You can easily got to “” to take most out of it.

Check Keyword Position in Rank tracker #7

Rank tracker is  an all in one tool that not only predicts your search engine ranking but on the other hand help you to cope you up with the “keyword ranking difficulty”. To get rank tracker you need to download the “SEO Live Suit”. Once downloaded you will be able to retrieve your keywords but you can’t fully access it in the free trial mode.

Check Keyword Position in Google Position #6

This is not a great one though yet simple and convenient to use for. This keyword resarch tools doesn’t comes up with too many promising features but simply on the other hand it promises to give you the accurate result and stating whether your specific keywords stands in the search result or not.

Check Keyword Position in iWeb Tool #5

Another user friendly tool for accurate metrics, here you can simply place your domain after that your preferable search engine and finally clicking on check to get your results. Simple yet a powerful tool to use for.

Check Keyword Position in SEO Centro #4

You can also state this rank checker to an all in one package as along with rank you can track the performance of your specific keywords. Not only things meets up here as you will also be provided with the till date rank variation in different search engines along with history of your specific keywords.

Check Keyword Position in Google Rank Checker #3

Simplicity pre-defined with this easy tool you can just put up your domain name and put up your specific keyword, solve the given captcha and click on submit. You will be redirected with the accurate results of what your position is co-relating with the keyword.

Check Keyword Position in SERP #2

It’s like a game of pitch and toss, stating keyword, domain and country. Simply fill these three spaces and click on check ranking you will see where you stand about in respect to your desire search engine.

Check Keyword Position in SEM Rush #1

SEM Rush is  a million dollar tool if one knows how to use it accordingly. To me it is my favorite and the answer to all mine question in regarding with the keyword ranking. It not only checks your keyword but on the other hand provides you with wholesome information to have a deep analysis for your specific keyword. Just turn a bit to your right and avail the 14 days PRO trial free opportunity to have  a better knowledge on the whole topic.

Final Thoughts!

Well it’s time to clarify few things, firstly am not a critic so the standings that you are seeing is completely my own opinion and you know that opinion varies from man to man and from person to person. The tools that I have brought up are completely free and if something is paid that has a free trial for users comfort. So now am eagerly waiting for a report from you on how these tools are working for you and also if you have something more to add up then please speak up as I will be happy to add it up for you. Over to you now!!


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