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on page seo checklist
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Are you looking for the best On page SEO checklist or the best On page SEO factor be what it be our main intention will be to drive organic traffic by proper On page SEO checklist.

In 2015, On page is the main factor of improving your search position and ranking your keywords also. In other terms you can define SEO in four factors namely

  • On Page SEO.
  • Off Page SEO.
  • Quality Contents.
  • Technical Influences and factors.

It’s a thought that “Content is the king”, I agree yet a quality content without perfect optimization has no value in getting a proper rank. It’s not just a merry thought, yet a bitter truth that states if your website is not efficiently optimized for both its visitors and search engine the ranking potential of it get’s minimized to a certain extent.

So our main focus for today is On page SEO checklist and we will be going to make all your web-pages search engine friendly so at no extent you fail on your goal. If you are thinking that you will be able to rank about three to four keywords then you are a bit wrong as it will be a bit hard and for that purpose you need to learn about “Page focus”.

But if you are looking to rank about 1-2 keywords then you can do it easily by following this exact guides. This guide has the potential of not only to rank your keywords but on the other hand to drive a huge amount of organic traffic.

Epic Content!

Yes, Contents are the reason behind every blogs success. If the content is epic and unique it will mostly rank high with little optimization. Frankly with bad contents or spinned contents you can’t stay in the competition for a long or in other hand you won’t get a chance to rank only with creepy contents. Make sure that your content meets the following requirements,

  • Magnetic Headline.
  • Content Published First Time.
  • With a clear concept.
  • Well researched with relevant images and videos.

Article Structure

Make sure that the targeted phrase is in the headline also on the other hand make sure that the phrase is not repeated more than 10-12 times or there’s a chance that your article can be blacklisted. Try to bold the article phrases so that it gives a clear concept to the main keywords and the visitor founds it fruitful. Try to proofread your article 3-4 times and make sure that nothing is miss-spelled in the article as for poor spellings and incorrect grammar article get’s downgraded from search results.

Meta Description and Alt Text

Well this two serves a major purpose in the world of SEO. A proper “meta description” will help you to get more targeted audience and will boost your organic presence. A meta description is just of “150 words” and if you can try and target your keywords on it then it will actively help you to get more traffic as not only search engine will recognize the article even by reading that summary visitors will get engaged to that. So use “SEO Yoast” for wordpress in order to do this trick.

Alt text, helps search engine to recognize what the image is? When a user searches with a particular keyword that you have typed in “Alt text” your image will get visible for that particular keyword. Once visible you will get both Organic traffic along with search engine visibility so make sure that your image has a proper Alt text with it so that you get benefited next time.

Linking and URL structure

Linking, this term has a great value in it. Firstly you have to know that the links which you will be implementing must be relevant to the keywords and the content of the article. Also adding links from “Authority websites” makes the link natural. Interlinking is also of great value to the On page SEO part. Proper interlinking will keep your visitors engaged and it will help you to decrease the bounce rate and will also favour in increase of domain authority.

Url Structuring, keep sure that the Url formatting is proper. A natural Url looks great along with it post date, name and year, on the other hand only with post numeric it sounds and looks creepy and a major cause for the downgrade of search engine visibility.

Other factors

Other factors include website scores, coding etc. Make sure that your website’s code is cleaned and caches are cleared. “Wp cache” is good for regulating and monetizing your website. You can check your website score on website like “Quick sprout” and other places.

Mobile optimized website has a great influence in today’s SEO. So make sure that your website is perfectly “Mobile SEO optimized”.

Over to You

It’s time for you to implement these ideas and notify me, how things have drastically changed for you. In any sorts if you find this article helpful try to share it as much as possible so that my hard labour for creating this contents pays off. I am sure that these on page SEO checklist will be surely helpful to you. Keep blogging and keep sharing!!!




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  • Hello Admin,

    Nice write-up! Many marketers are so obsessed with backlinks that they spend most of the time in link building. They forget that one of the most vital parts of SEO are the on page factors. If you want to get first page status on search engines your site must have high quality content so it can “speak” like an authority on the subject.
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  • So do links from Twitter and Tumblr now count as search engine optimisation? I heard they do because of the
    Panda Google algorithm update
    I have added you in my weekly website list, keep up the good work
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