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Campaign optimization a crucial part for better sales or you may tell for better visibility. You are not a campaign optimization guru but you can learn some campaign optimization tips to outgrowth more sales than ever. Yeah! Making money and raising more funds are our sole interest when there’s sake of investing. So here’s a report of how to do the best campaign optimization for adwords in order to drive more profits to your end.

These is a research that I did yesterday after I was crazy to buy a Samsung Smartphone, I was just pondering on their pre order stats and all but for a Sunday amusement I took a bit interest on their sales and searches so here’s what amused me? After searching a basic keyword “buy samsung galaxy s6”. Well that keyword has a monthly search of about “10,000” may be more that’s cordially relevant to it.

So this was the campaign scenario, take a look to it and think how much you could have saled if you were in that result. Your main intention should not be to simply go and avail the adwords campaign rather optimizing adwords campaign with some kickass tips will drastically change your sales and reports.

Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization lesson 1

Illustration 2

When I saw “ee.co.uk” ranking one in the adds result I was curious to know about their website and there is the whole mystery behind it. You can see their landing page which is so much well optimized that you will fall in love with it. Navigations are done in a proper manner so does the “store finder”, “headline”, “tagline” and much more.

Campaign optimization

On the other hand I saw the second ranking website called “bidwizeu”, it had a great catchy subline in the ads thread that depicts “last Samsung galaxy S6 was sold for 27 pounds” and headline stating “90% off on Samsung galaxy s6” dramatically all will get attracted there, yet the website has no fruit since it is an auction based website. So this phrase depicts that your adds should be monetize and created in such a way that it has a catchy “Headline” and a “byline” to attract visitors right on the spot.

Here is the quick conclusion of lesson one, it depicts that your website should offer a great landing page, along with it should have a great eye catchy “headline” and a “sub-line”. Once these are perfect none will get a chance to stand against you.

Campaign Optimization lesson 2

Literally I am a fan of so called website “ee.co.uk” so it’s time to explore some little secrets of theirs. Even I am partially thinking that fellow campaigners and even “Amazon” should learn a bit from them so here’s what I got to see. Using Isponge, I derived these results.

Illustration 3

Here’s what I learnt after analysing and I was pretty shocked with their little budget of $68-$200 they are managing average ad position of 4 and is associated with 27 Google PPC keywords. Ain’t that shocks at your end?

So here’s how you can steal their tactics for this you need to act a bit wise yet it’s a bit hard for you, firstly try to make “one keyword per ad group” and on the other hand “dynamic keyword insertation” for fast results.

A perfect keyword ad copy combination will not only help you to increase your click through rate but on the other hand your quality score will have a great impact.

Campaign Optimization lesson 3

Remember hard works always pays off, analyzing the websites you will be more certain with few things that includes their landing page diversity.

Campaign Optimization

You can just see their landing page which depicts everything about the device you are looking for, this not only creates a good impression but on the other hand it ensures you that your device will get its valuable customers. If your customer is tensed on the “review” part he or she gets it. If the person is confused on “techie” part he or she gets it and including a secured payment portal and hands on delivery feature makes a great way to boost up your sale.

Campaign management

Are you thinking to boost up more sales then “Pop ups or polls” that are not stingy in nature are an ideal choice to keep engaging your visitor.

An Advice for “EE.co.uk”

Well after analysing I found that you gave a little importance to “Bing ads”, remember “Bing” is used by 20% search traffic so as “Yahoo” too so focusing on those search engines can also be beneficial for your sales. Aha! Just a though!

Over to you!

Firstly let us summarize that what we learned ultimately,

  • A landing page that has a great significance with your product.
  • Make sure to use Ad position wisely
  • Remember search traffic don’t ends with “Google” try “Yahoo and Bing too”
  • Strong and eye catchy “Headline” and “By-line” have a great effect to your campaign.

So we are done with the perfect campaign optimization methods so now it’s your turn to implement it and I am pretty sure that you will never make such a mistake next time when going for campaign management. I am eager to hear from you now so don’t forget to comment after reading it.

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