Why you are not getting search engine traffics to your blog?

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Well after writing hundreds of content when you don’t get a single reference from search engine your whole work goes in vain. Mostly you feel annoyed, thinks to leave blogging or you go for adopting black hat techniques and within a matter of days you get penalized. So that’s the common thing for start-up like us but today we will be discussing that where we went wrong and what we can do to get some search engine traffic. So let’s begin it without any delay.

Is Your Website Indexed Properly?

At first check that whether your website pages are indexed properly. You can also use “Bulk Index Checker” to see whether website is indexed or not. Once done with that part you can manually place your link in search engine that they are indexing your pages or not. If you see things are not fine then use “Search engine submitter” to submit your urls to search engine and also with the help of the webmaster tools you can easily check that whether your links are fetching properly or not.

You can simply use “Fetch as Google” to manually index your link in matter of few minutes.

Your Posts are Poor in quality

It can be the fact if you are hiring any content writer or using spinned articles. If you are not comfortable with the topic be sure that you can never award your viewers with something good so better choose those niches on which you have proper knowledge.

Remember the fact that “Content is the King”, if you write unique contents be sure that “Google will always reward you in all aspects.

Contents are not Keyword Optimized

You can use Long tail keywords just as the title of the content to rank a higher chance in search engine results. If you focus more on keywords then it is sure you can target audiences and drive a huge amount of organic traffic to your website.

Also make sure that the keyword density should be 2-3% for 500 words content.

WordPress Platform

Are you using wordpress platform? A wordpress platform has a great potential of easy to index facility. For this easy to index facility and clean coding of website Google will surely index you faster than other platforms.


So this cracking Sub-lines shows you that why your website is not getting search engine traffic and where you went wrong in the whole aspect. If you can counter these possible reasons then you can easily stand a high chance in search engine ranking. Do you know anything more for which your website is not indexing? Do you have any practical experiences? If so please share with us, we are counting for your thoughts…


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