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How to Crack GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Cracked
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GSA Search engine ranker


Well, You can crack GSA search engine ranker now. GSA Search engine ranker is a tool that can build tons of backlinks for you but the harsh point is that it is a premium one and you can’t access it for more than 5 days that’s the thumb rule until you change your “Mac address” or you have to go with the premium version that demands $99. Don’t worry things are not that complicated as you can crack it but there’s not an official crack for it but you have a trick and you will need to know that and also don’t search for any pirated serial key as that’s not available too. So let’s ahead to crack the trick but one thing it will only reset it and you can’t submit not more than 300 links a day but that’s sufficient for a beginner.

First Step

Firstly you need to download the GSA Search engine ranker but don’t worry here it is just download it from here.

Download GSA Search Engine Ranker for free.

After you have successfully downloaded go for the installation process, once installed head to create the “Exceptional Firewall” and a “desktop Icon”.

Second Step

Well, you are done with the main part. Once installed you will find the GSA Search engine ranker “Icon” in your System Desktop. After that you may enjoy for five days as trial period will long last till five days.

Third Step

Now five days are over GSA Search engine ranker is not letting you to use it. Well that’s the moment you feel like crying and think yourself to be hopeless but don’t you cry as now you can crack it.

  • At first go to Start Menu
  • Once you are there in start menu then go to the top for “Windows 7” and as My Pc is “Dipraj Pc” I will click on it and will find App Data there.
  • But at there you won’t see the App Data as it is “Hidden” you have to set the Pc to Show Hidden Files and Folder.
  • If you don’t know how to Set Hidden files and Folder then follow this. Open my computers go to Folder and Search option. Then Hidden Files and set Show Hidden files and folder.
  • Once Hidden files shown come to “2” part from here, you will see App Data there and then click on it.
  • After clicking on it go to Roaming and you will find GSA Search engine ranking folder there.
  • Opening the folder go to config, followed by right clicking it and heading to properties and to security then deny all the permissions by un-ticking it.

Now you will find that trial is resetted successfully and you can again use it like anything but remember don’t update the version of the GSA Search engine ranker. So a $100 tool can now be used as free so don’t worry I saved your $100 now use that money for something else to boost up your Income. So now you know how to crack GSA search engine ranker.

If the download link doesn’t work, do Comment I will send that to your Gmail Address.

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