Are you making this 7 Link Building mistakes?

Link building mistakes
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Link building mistakes

Ohh!! God my blog got penalized? Did I made any link building mistakes Why am I penalized, where I went wrong? which link were build by wrong methods. These are some of the natural thoughts that emerges when you get penalized by “Google” and solely accuses “Google” to be the culprit of the whole thing. So today I will guide you that “The Fault is in our self, there’s nothing with Google” I bet you will be amazed by knowing where and when you went wrong in the whole aspect.  So let’s recall your past actions like a “Time Machine” though time machine is totally an ideal concept yet it has a great significance in our post. So let’s dive back to the past now itself for a brighter future.

Went Against Your Niche

When you were deeply emerged in the world of blogging, did you totally forget the brand which you were promoting for? Say suppose you are having a “SEO Website” and you are posting health articles all around it so that’s a great culprit for your loss.

When you are against your niche, you are simply doing link baiting or in other words spamming the search engine so it is obvious that you will not rank high in all aspect and there is a chance that you can be hit by updates. This is also a major cause of link building mistakes.

So stick to your niche and make contents accordingly to it, so that you are always doing “White hat SEO”.

Irrelevant Links

Still using the old 90’s method to rank high in the search engine for a particular keyword? availing the facility of bringing links from directories and commenting. Well those days are gone; you have to bring quality contents now to rank high up in the search engine result.

Remember try to stick to your niche, post those links that are similar to your website. If your website is in “Technology” then bring links from other “Technology” website to stand a chance in search engine ranking. Ensure the quality of the links and make sure that they are atleast “Pr 2 Da 20+” for better performance.

Network Blogging

According to me Guest posting is not dead nor SEO, is it just that Network blogging is dead. If you are still thinking that buying “Expired Domains” or “Deleted domains” will be great for backlinking then sorry your thoughts are wrong. Completely avoid network blogging. In order to check a website you can take the help of “” to see that how the website has changed in next few years.

Also check that the website from where you are bringing link is “Google indexed” or not. There are many times when we bring links from “Spammy websites” without looking.


Ensure that the links you post are Do-follow and No-follow. You can easily check this by adding plugins to your browser, blue colour indicates Do-follow on the other hand Red indicates No-follow.

Posting article for No-follow link is of no use until the website has a huge traffic; I mean if a website has huge traffic then it can point some to you. There are many a cases when “Webmaster” changes your link from Do-follow to No-follow and later you need to suffer the consequences.

Paid Links

If you have asked any agency or a company to build links for you make sure you keep a track to the links they produce. Normally with my experiences a link from a SEO company don’t stands for more than 6 months. Do a regular check about the status of the links they provides you, see it whether they have removed some or turned it to be No-follow from Do-follow tag. Also check whether any website has suffered any updates in past Google updates. Also it’s a rare chance but make sure the website with which you are linking have any “Adult content” or not as “Adult content” will also affect your blog.

If you find anything un-natural inform them so that they can better fix it before you suffer any problems.

Anchor Text

Always make sure that the anchor text you provide are well researched and meaningful. You can use “Keyword Planners” to find the best anchors for you and after that you can link them with valuable links pointing to your blog. Focus on the anchor text you provide and the link you point out from it, try to be sure that both co-relates the same aspect by some means.

Alt Text

This is a minor thing but has a great aspect on your website. There are many a time when you forget these little things, so start focusing on it. So if your image is having a proper “Alt Text” then it is sure that it will be driving a huge organic traffic pointing to your blog.

If your image has no Anchor text then simply Google won’t understand what your image actually is? So start implementing anchor text from today if you don’t want to suffer later.


So if you are penalized by some means, don’t worry try “Monitor Backlinks tools” these will show you the stats of the links and then you can manually figure out your problem by mailing the webmaster.

Over to you now, do you have any better way by which we can avoid link building mistakes, then please come up we are merely awaiting for it.



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  • Hello,

    When it comes to Link building, I always fall behind, don’t know why, but I have never succeeded, when it tried building links manually, although, I am good at writing content and sometimes, I get natural links, but not much, those links are not enough.

    So, I tried things like Guest Posting, but never has any benefit from it.

    Now, I am very much confused, whether to build links to not.

    What Should I do now? Should I build Links or avoid?
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    • Now, See building links has other meanings… First know what your content is and is it unique? If so then you’ll get some natural links only 🙂 And honestly if you’re trying to rank your keywords then just write an article that’s keywords richen… Then use semrush and find those sites which are ranking on the same keyword… After that find their backlinks and you’re ready for creating backlinks for your website…
      Now few questions like… What’s the age of your domain? Is it an year Old? If so go for link building or else halt.. 🙂

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