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building links
Is Link building your major point of tragedy? Aren’t you getting the right source or guide of building links? Don’t you know the value of the links or you need an expert’s advice on how to build links that counts for your website, well all your confusion will be sorted here. You may think that if I build links for my website then I may get penalized as Google said “Guest posting is dead”, well the fact is not that, it depends on us how we bring links and how we utilize those links. And my thoughts upon “death of guest posting” is simple that Google wanted to protect guest posting so that it don’t gets abused by big marketers or in one word to stop the whole concept from spamming.

Well those words are far apart from our topic today but we will learn that how we can carry on building links on a safer way with maximum conversion out from it. So let us learn the value of each link, along with do’s and don’t do’s of link building.

Content Matters!

At first in order to build link you need to have some good quality contents supporting it. Make sure that the content is high class and completely relevant to the anchor of your link so that it mutually supports you and your viewer after redirecting with the link.

With the recent updates from Google the whole concept is clear that “Contents” matters yesterday it will matter today and also tomorrow there’s no alternative to quality contents if you want to build good links.

Avoid using spinned article or the article poorly written with lots of grammatical mistakes. Make sure the “Anchor text” you use is natural and is not commercial by any means.

“A quality Content don’t need a single backlink to stand high (#1) in the search result of Google”

How to Start Building Links?

Say I bought a website today and I am already having 20 articles with me that I arranged in past one month and all are unique and freshly written shall I start building links for them?. Well this should be your first thought, well never start too early as building links from day one can be considered as a red flag according to Google. Google may think “This website is totally new.. How is it getting backlinks?” Obviously they will think that you are bringing paid links which can bring an adverse impact to your website.

So “Dude” don’t be too fast, keep on writing quality articles for a month atleast after that I suggest when it is two month you can go for bringing link in order to avoid red flag.

Refer this so that you don’t fail by any means:

Journey After Two Months

You are having quality articles now, they are not ranking as high as they should but you can rank them only if two conditions satisfies your “On Page optimization” is perfect and your content is worthy to rank high in result. So here is how you can build links.


Link Value (LOW): It was few years ago when the value of directory links had a high chance in building links but those days are gone now due to spamming of search engine by excessive directory listing. Still you can seek directories to build links for your website; just type “Free directories lists for backlink” in Google search and you will get a massive list to choose for.

Blog Commenting

Link Value (LOW): This also has the same tragedy story, yet this is also not a great way to bring link as you may have the risk of being spammed. If you are really interested in blog commenting then search “CommentLuv enabled websites” or “KeywordLuv enabled websites”. Commenting on Old domains and domains relevant to your niche has a good effect to your blog.

You can also trick the webmaster by changing the “Name Section” with your desired “Anchor text” and website section with your “desired url” to rank it high but many a chance webmaster won’t regard that.

Network Blogs

Link Value (Low): You can define a network blog by many ways, say it to be a deleted domain or an expired domain or a domain used to build links. These sorts of websites are easily available to post and these are really cheap. You can buy thousands of domains from “” but ultimately its value is negligible and sometimes bringing a link from this sort of blog can lead to penalization.

Mainly a network blog is made by registering a deleted domain. After that spinned contents are used to decorate the blog and in the matter of few days’ people start bringing links from it for a little money. Ultimately with each updates these websites suffers by either losing its metrics or on the other hand being entitled as “Spammy or de-indexed from Google”.

Use “” to check the changes made in domain and ultimately filter them in order to get avoided by updates.

No-follow Blog Links

Link Value (LOW): Don’t post your articles until the website is having high traffics. No-follow links are given no importance by Google so posting in a no-follow blog is not a good choice. It’s just a waste of your article until you are with a hope that you can get some traffic from them.

Social Bookmarking

Link Value (MEDIUM): Whenever it comes to social bookmarking the value of link is potentially a bit high as compared to the ones mentioned above. This bookmarking not only builds backlinks for you but also in other hand enriches you with quality traffic all around. To make your search easier, here is a list readied for you for reference.

Refer this: Top 100 Social Bookmarking Websites.


Link Value (MEDIUM): Wiki Links are always No-follow as a thumb rule yet they are moderate in my sense. According to me getting a wiki link means that your website is more trust worthy in the eyes of “Google”. So it’s not a bad deal to collect wiki links for making your website more natural.

Forum Links

Link Value (MEDIUM): Forum link has a great value till and then it completely co-relates with your niche. It also helps you to give direct referral which turns a great mode of conversion in other choice. This is not the full stop as you need to be careful by choosing the right forum or you may get penalized below is a list with which you can start forward.

Reference: Top Social Forum list.

Old Domains

Link Value (HIGH): Remember the phrase “Old is Gold”, the same concept correlates here, if the old domains matches with your niche then blindly go with those websites as they have the potential to increase your ranking by a great mean. Getting a link from an Old website is a matter of achievement but believe me it has a great impact on your domain authority and you can see the change in few days.

Guest Posting

Link Value (HIGH): Remember if things are tackled in right means by posting epic contents along with totally relevant pure websites then it’s the most effective tool for your brand promotion. If someone says Guest posting is dead then it’s nothing but a piece of shit as still now it is equally effective in all means.

High Authority Link

Link Value (Excellent): This is the best way of linking as Google really loves seeing that you are getting linked by authorities websites that has an extension of (.gov or .edu). Getting this sort of backlinking is tough but you have to work fullest. Once you start getting a link back from this sort of websites then you will reach your ultimateum.

Paid Link or Manual Link

Paid is the opportunity of everything. If you are a big marketer with super funds then you can hire a lots of SEO firms in order to backlink your posts with the suitable keywords of your choice. Also getting link from authority website becomes a piece of joke. But whenever you are going for paid links manually analyze the website so that you face no problem of penalization.

Manual links is also a great way. If your friends are a webmaster then seek help from them ask them to link back to your posts, help their websites by submitting your valuable articles. You can also use the barter system by helping your friend for something say designing his blog and after that asking him for a link back to your blog.


Well Homepage links or Sidebar links from a website is also good if it is Do-follow and relevant to your website niche. I guess the concept of determining and building links is clear to you but remember the sole fact that content ruled yesterday, it is ruling today and will rule tomorrow there’s no key to rank your blog or build effective links without epic contents.

If you have any doubts or confusion or any ideas that’s solely relevant to this matter then pitch it to me, I will be glad to help you.

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