What is wps button On Your Router?

Written by Dipraj

WPS button is really a craze for everyone when it comes to your newbie experience with your router. You just bought a new router for yourself and you’re just confused on what “wps button” is ? If that’s the case then here’s the explanation and the working procedure of it.

So here’s a small introduction on what’s a wps button, do read it very carefully.

What is WPS Button?

In a short note wps button creates a protected wifi connection for you. It also gives you a hassle free, faster experience for the user. WPS totally depends on WPA personal and WPA2 personal. It doesnot works on any devices that uses wep.

Connecting your device using WPS

This is the exact process on how to connect your device with WPS. In my case am using a “Dlink Router” but in your case it may vary with your router.

  1. At first push or set your router on WPS mode.
  2. Go to your device and choose the network name.
  3. Your device will get connected in a fraction of sec. (No pass-codes will be asked.)

In the same pattern you can connect other devices such as printers that comes with a “WPS Button”.

Are you really safe with a wps?

That’s the question which arises to my mind once after I speak about wps. The answer is a big “NO” you’re not safe with a wps.

Almost all the WPS feature that comes with the router has an eight digit pin setup. Mostly this pins follows a same pattern as it’s automatically generated and can’t be changed. So if you’re one of the unlucky guy who has a router that supports wps but it don’t have a wps button then your network can be easily connected. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry read Brute-Force attack it will explain you everything.


I guess am able to give you a basic outlook on WPS button and how it is used to connect with your pc, laptop, mobile or printer. Also on how much safe is it, hope my guide helps. If you’ve any questions do-comment below.

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