How To Fix Err_Connection_Refused Error On Google Chrome

err connection refused
Written by Dipraj

Many a times you stumble on an error while accessing google chrome. The error is known as “Err Connection Refused” on google chrome. Once this error pops up you’re not able to visit your desired website thus it makes you a bit frustrating :(. Don’t worry it won’t be frustrating anymore as here are some quick simple tips that will help you to fix this in a matter of few minutes.

The first solution that you should seek for is restarting your browser, yes that helps really!. Once you’re done trying that if things don’t go fine then check your DNS . Make sure that your DNS is configured correctly. Once you’re done checking your DNS then clear caches and history.

Causes for Err Connection Refused

  • Don’t worry it can be that the fault isn’t at your end, the website can be down too.
  • Check your Firewall, maybe it can be blocked.
  • Make sure your connection is not running on proxies.

Steps to Fix Err Connection Refused


  • Right click on Network Icon from system tray and click on Open Network and Sharing Center
  • Now click on Change Adapter Settings
  • Right-click on the network which you are working with & click on Properties
  • select IPV4 & click on properties
  • Add the proper “Preferred DNS and Alternet DNS” and click on OK Button.
  • Your problem is solved and there will be no error..

If the Error is still not fixed?

If the error is still not fixed then you can give a call to +1 800-5852494 (USA/CANADA). A telle-support will really help a lot.

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