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How to Call to USA and Canada for Free

Written by Dipraj

Are you looking to call to USA or Canada for free? Now you can call from any part of the world to USA and Canada for free using this little trick that I’ll show you right now. You can make unlimited calls in there and you won’t need to add any credit cards or anything.

Ain’t that a great thing? Don’t worry now I’ll guide you on how you can call unlimited to any number on USA or Canada. All you need Β to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

What Do you need to Call to USA and Canada for free

  • Active Internet Connection.
  • Chrome Browser (Flash Enabled)
  • Headphone or Mic.
  • A VPN Connection (If you’re not from US or UK or Canada)

Complete Steps on How to Make Unlimited Free Calls on USA and Canada

At first you need to go to “FIRERTC.COM“. Once you’re at FireRtc official website then you’ll get an option to create an account.

If you’re not from USA or Canada then you’ll get an error message of permission denied πŸ™ Don’t panic! Once you get this error all you need to do is turn your VPN on and set it to a location of USA. Then go to the Homepage and click on “Create Account”

After that you need to do is, just fill up your username, email address and your password once done you’ll get a confirmation message confirm it and you’re all set to go for.

free Call

Make Your First Call!

Calling through FireRTC is free and easy. You’ll get a virtual mobile interface that will also come up with a dial pad. You can use those dial pads to call on any secure line like “Paypal”, “Godaddy” or be it anywhere.

The whole system of calling is user friendly and also the Phone pad looks quite great. Sometimes you may face a bit technical issues like website down or taking too long to respond, in that case wait for sometime and you’ll find it working again.

edit caller id firertc

You Can Change Your Caller ID each time

Changing a caller id is a great advantage when you’re using firertc to call to USA or Canada. Once you’re signed in to your FireRtc dashboard at the rightmost corner you’ll see a menu option. In the menu you’ll get a list of options from there. You will choose “settings”, in settings you’ll get the option of edit caller id.

Now you can spoof with any caller id you want.


That’s all, hope you’re enjoying your free calls and if you got any issues then do comment below. I’ll be happy to help you all

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