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Ownage Prank Real Prank Calls

Ownage Prank Real Prank Calls
Written by Dipraj

Ownage Prank calls; a new way to send prank call to your friends. Well, Ownage prank call is developed by ownage lab and it helps you to prank your friend by sending them different voice notes of varied character.

Ownage Prank is a youtube channel ran by “Mr Ownage” who is a voice actor and expertise in making different type of voices that includes asian, black, country men etc. So in 1st April he developed a new app named “Ownage prank Real Prank Calls” and by downloading and installing the app from google playstore you can send prank call to your friends.

Download the Ownage Prank Call Application now. Instant 5 credits on signing up.

Ownage Prank Real Prank Call Apk Download

So today I’ll give you an in depth review of the application and what modifications it needs to make it better.

What Is Ownage Prank Real Prank Calls (Ownage Pranker)

Ownage Pranker

It’s a simple application that consist of variety of voices pre-loaded already for you. The voices are done on variety of characters so you need to choose one of them and the process will go on.

So firstly the home of the application gives you three choices either to signup with complete details or if you’re someone simply lazy like me then go for the join with facebook option but if you’re super lay then continue as the guest 🙂

Once you’ve signed up then you’ll be rewarded with 5 credits with which you will be able to make a successful prank call to your friends. At the home screen after signing in you’ll be able to hear the variety of prank calls and you can select the best that suits you the most.

There will be a number of options that includes “Make them Laugh” “creepy” “Dating and Love” etc.

Now, each prank call will cost you two credits so you’ll only be able to make two successful prank call after that you need to buy credits to continue for more.

So that’s all about the application.

Are The Credit Prices High For Ownage Prank Real Prank Calls

2 Credits =$0.99

10 Credits =$3.99

30 Credits =$9.99

100 credits = $27.99

This is something that I’m leaving on you all to decide for so make sure to write down on the comment section.

Improvements Needed!


Well, you need to add more countries as the prank call is limited to few countries only.


Return of the credit if the call is unsuccessful, this should be the first fix according to me. Also if the other person is using a voice mail then you lose your credits for nothing yet another improvement to fix for.

I’ll rate it 4 out of 5 and how much will you all rate it?


The approach and the thinking behind this application is quite innovative and the launch is perfect. Improvements are needed as it’s in it’s beta mode so not much to say for. Here are some awesome videos that you can look for and these are made by using this app. Don’t forget to drop your comments.

Photo Courtesy: Ownage Prank.

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