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How to Make Blogging Less Time Consuming

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Blogging and freelance writing can be a great way to start a work from home career, but it can be extremely time consuming. Spending all of your time on research, editing, or other menial tasks can cost you money and make your blogging career less than profitable.

Here are the top 5 ways to make blogging less time consuming.

Copyscape is Your Friend

Copyscape is a tool for checking the originality of your content before it is posted to your blog. Each time you copy and paste text into the search box, it will cost one credit, but the credits are not terribly expensive. The smallest possible package you can purchase will cost $5, but that in return will give you 100 credits.

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If your planned post is similar to something else that is already posted on the internet, Copyscape will find it and provide you with a link. This link will have all of the similar text highlighted so you can alter your post accordingly. Similar or copied content will quickly destroy your search engine ranking and damage the reputation of your blog.

blogging less time consuming

Delegate, delegate!

This may not become necessary for quite a while, and if you don’t gather a large following, you may never need to delegate your chores. On the other hand, if you’ve got a large or popular blog, it may be nearly impossible for you to keep up with all of the comments, responses, and messages that your blog creates.

Delegate some of the lesser tasks, like answering comments or frequently asked questions, or the chore of collecting information or possible topics to an assistant or an employee. This will leave you free to craft your blog posts and handle the creation and maintenance of your website and blog.

blogging less time consuming

Crowd Sourcing is a fantastic tool to choose for

Sites like MyBlogU are designed for website and blog owners to help them outsource their content. It is a great place to find guest posters for your blog, or to offer your skills up for collaborative project.

Spend a little time browsing what the site has to offer and see how easy it can make your blogging experience. By crowd sourcing some of your content, you can bring in new readers while continuing to interest your current patrons. It’s a win-win situation.

Collect Informations Carefully

Once you’ve figured out what the theme of your blog will be, the next step is to collect the information for your blog posts. The easiest way to do this while helping to make blogging less time consuming is to employ niche forums, online communities, and the ever present social media.

You’d be amazed how much information you can collect by simply watching the Twitter feed of a specific keyword. During violent or cataclysmic events, many people turn to Twitter and other social media websites rather than the normal news sources to keep track of what is going on.

During the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing, Twitter had more up to date and accurate information than any of the reporters on the scene.

Typing Speed Counts!

Unless you’re relying on a voice to text program, your blogging productivity is going to be directly related to your overall typing speed. If you’re a hunt and peck or two finger typist, your output will be dramatically less than someone who employs proper touch typing techniques.

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The average adult typist can keep up typing speeds of 40 words per minutes (wpm). By comparison, a hunt and peck typist would be hard pressed to type at more than 20 words per minute. Just spending 20-30 minutes practicing your touch typing technique can help to increase your accuracy and typing speed.

A practiced touch typist can easily reach speeds of 90 wpm or higher. The current record on a QWERTY formatted keyboard is over 200 words per minute.

P.S. Pass a typing test and find out your typing speed.


With practice, blogging can easily become a profitable career choice. Blogging, freelance writing, and other similar careers are fantastic ways to create a work from home business, enabling you to achieve true financial freedom. It will become easier and easier to write catchy, informative, and unique blogs.



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