Are Downloading Torrents in India safe?

Are downloading torrents safe
Written by Dipraj

Are downloading torrents in India safe? That’s the question which is buzzing in everyone’s mind when you see something like this while accessing sites like “Extratorrents”, “”, “ISOHunt” and other popular torrent sites in India.

β€œThis URL has been blocked under instructions of a competent Government Authority or in compliance with the orders of a Court of competent jurisdiction. Infringing or abetting infringement of copyright-protected content including under this URL is an offence in law. Ss. 63, 63-A, 65 and 65-A of the Copyright Act, 1957, read with Section 51, prescribe penalties of a prison term of upto 3 years and a fine of upto Rs.3 lakhs. Any person aggrieved by the blocking of this URL may contact the Nodal Officer at for details of the blocking order including the case number, court or authority to be approached for grievance redressals. Emails will be answered within two working days. Only enquiries regarding the blocking will be entertained.”

So that’s a warning to everyone who is trying to access torrents and to be honest you should take this warning seriously. Now many may tell you torrenting is safe πŸ™‚ Many are doing it and you can do it without any risks. Also someone being very prophetic will guide you there are not as number polices in India than the viewers of torrents but that’s simply a false statement.

Today I’ll make you understand why torrenting is not safe and still if you wanna do it then what practices you can do.

Note: I don’t encourage torrenting or piracy am completely against it. This is just an awareness guide.

Are Downloading Torrents in India Safe?

I’ll say simply it’s not safe. the common question will be why? The answer is very straight forward that you’re doing piracy by downloading, viewing and distributing contents of which you’ve no rights. Now many may say you to open the urls of torrent sites using “Url Unblockers and Proxies” and it’s safe. But honestly that not 0.1% safe too as your ISP is getting recorded when you’re trying to access those websites.

Now, you can also see some companies selling Paid VPN’s and claiming that they are providing hundred percent Anonymity simply a false statement to upsell their products.

Mostly the VPN companies are of the creators of torrent sites only to fund their websites as they can remain anomalous by selling VPN’s and asking money through Bitcoin transaction so simply it will be a fools choice to download torrents using VPN’s as your ISP remains naked.

What Can You Download From Torrents

Anything that’s free, common example is “Google Chrome” or “Skype”. You can use torrent sites to download free software’s to get some good speeds. You can download free Ebooks and images without copyright for non-commercial use only.

I don’t know about p0rns πŸ™ maybe “Brazzers” can come up and complain that why are you viewing and downloading our contents without taking permission from us. So it’s still in debate that you can download adult stuffs or not.

What you can’t download from torrents?

Movies πŸ™ Sadly downloading movies are crime. After the leak of films like “Udta Punjab” and the fall of “Kat” there was dramatic change in torrenting. Soon “Torrentz” bid a good bye but it’s clone started emerging but the fall of “TorBox” also reflects that how strict the law suits became and when they can’t anomalous themselves then how can you think they will give you anomality.

Cracked software’s πŸ™ Sadly you could be prone to lawsuits if you’re downloading any cracked software’s so better be warned from now.

Copyright Musics, so everything almost that reflects it’s tag with copyrights you can’t download them any more sadly.

What Sites can you still Access?

You can still access Pirate Bay πŸ™‚ well that’s a good news for you as I’ve not seen any warning attached with that website so you can still type “” and access contents from it but on your own risk.

Note: Again I don’t promote you to access torrent sites but if you want to then do at your own risk.

The clone of “torrentz” which popularly came to known as “Torrentz2” is also the best search engine to access torrents from all around.

Cyber Cafe, it’s the most popular thing in here.. You can easily go to the cyber cafe and access torrent sites from in there as there are many people using the same network.

Now if you’re fantasized on seeing how “Extratorrents” look like or if you’re missing your torrent sites then you can simply use “TOR BROWSER” but again downloading can leave you in trouble so you can just view it.


In my opinion use piratebay and be happy with it until any lawsuits are issued in it. And don’t fall in baits of any proxies, url un-blocker and VPN’s as anytime you can find cops emerging against your door well I’m not afraiding you and this is my point of view with valid points. Over to you now, what’s your take on it?


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  • As today I went to extratorrents and downloaded and watched the movie and after that I came to know tht all this thing has been blocked. or a user should not use it. So what next? I am worried.

  • Why not safe? Lots of Indian people download torrent from different torrent site. You know extratorrents is now top leading torrent site in India and people of India use this torrent. So there is no chance to fall in danger by downloading torrent in India.

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