How to Install lollipop Rom on HTC Desire 620G

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Lollipop Rom

Today’s topic is how to install lollipop rom or cyanogen mod 12.1 on HTC desire 620G. So this will be a comprehensive guide with all the information needed so don’t be in a hurry and read carefully each and everything. So firstly the required things are rooted phone, the recovery, the rom and gapps. Don’t worry I’ll provide you everything in one click so you don’t need to be in a mess.

So here’s the step by step guide of installing lollipop rom on your HTC desire 620G.

Installing Lollipop Rom on HTC Desire 620G

At first you need to root your HTC desire 620 G. So here’s the exact process of rooting your phone from scratch.

Root HTC Desire 620 G

Now you know how to root your phone and am assuming that you’ve already rooted your HTC desire 620G so it’s time now to go to step 2 to download the storage and installing it.

Installing Lollipop Rom on HTC Desire 620G Step 2

Rashr recovery
At first download the recovery, then follow the steps listed on how to execute it.

Download HTC Desire 620G Latest Recovery

So, you have downloaded the recovery. Now go to playstore and type “RASHR” and then install it. So now you’ve the Recovery in your SD card and RASHR installed on your device.

RASHR will work only with rooted phone so rooting the phone was the first step. Now open RASHR and install the recovery from storage and once done it will ask you to reboot your phone.

Congratulation now you’ve installed the recovery. You can go to recovery anytime by holding the Volume Down + Power button.

Installing Lollipop Rom on HTC Desire 620G Step3

So you’ve the recovery installed on your device and it’s rooted. The final step is to install the rom now. So download the rom from here.

Download HTC Desire 620G Lollipop Rom or CM 12.1 Rom

Now paste the rom on your SD card and follow this steps.

  1. Go to recovery by Volume Down + Power Button.
  2. Then click on Clean Β to Install a New Rom from Wiping Menu.
  3. After that choose your Rom from Sd card. (Install Zip from SD Card Option)
  4. Wait 4 minutes and click on Reboot System Now.
  5. Your Rom is Installed Congratulation!

Now it’s time to install your Gapps, so download the gapps from the link given below and then copy the gapps in your SD-Card. Then go to recovery by following the point 1 and then choose the gapps from the option install Zip by SD card.

Download Gapps from here

That’s All folks, share your views and tell us if you’re unable to to do this. You can also request for an update for your device in here or be it anything.

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  • When i try to flash the recovery image which you have provided, the Rashr app says that the chosen image (7 MB) is too big for your device (partition 0 MB). Should i go ahead and flash or am i doing something incorrect? Pls help πŸ™‚

  • There is two important features on htc desire620G
    1 htc blinkfeed and
    2the most important fearure USB internet( which is avilable on android 4.4 for use internet on phone from pc).
    Will i get these most important features after install custom rom(lolipop,marshmallow) on htc desire 620G.
    Plz tell me about this.

  • When i try pasting the downloaded rom to my phone memory it says “Cannot copy boot.img” What should i do? “Stop copying” or “skip this file” ?

  • Every thing is okay. But your comments confuse me i don’t want brick my phone.
    Bro can you explain
    Chosen image is big
    Download stock rom clean firmware
    Again insatall new recovery. Iam afraid if i face these issues while install rom. There will be my brick phone and i will be not contact for your help.
    So explain little so i install rom without any problems at the spot.

    • See once the Recovery is installed it’s installed for forever so you can install lollipop rom or Marshmallow Rom or be it any ROM with that recovery.
      Incase few people had installed an old recovery so when they were going to install a new ecovery that time they were facing the problem of “Choosen Image is Big”. You can see one of them find a solution by skipping the file size so incase that error persists you can skip the file size and after that i guess rest is crystal clear as I’ve made a big video on it and didn’t skipped a point too. I’m not flying anywhere you can always contact me or do-comment here to get my help πŸ™‚

  • when i install recovery.img but i install but cm12.1 not install and when i restart my htc phone it will start recovry menu again and again what should i do… help me

  • How can i install the original andriod 4.4 on HTC 620g phone. I do not want to install the CM version but in your blog i could not find the lollipop rom. Please help

  • Thanks a lot bro. I installed my lollipop rom sucessfully. Now it have great overall look in phone.
    I have only regret that i lose most important feature USB INTERNET (use internet from pc to phone by usb cable) of this phone that was only available on htc models.
    Well i face one problem bro your gapps not working it was show installation error. So i download it form xda and it was installed properly. Now its works smooth.
    Future visitors you should install rom from bro is bug free and run smooth. And great look.
    Bro one more thing you mention go to recovery by press volume down and power button. Actualy it is volume up and power down. Make it correct.
    Bro i face one major problem now my phone not show punjabi format language.
    Can you solve it ? Plz solve i will wait.

    few days ago i had installed custom lollipop rom sucessfully.
    Every thing was good till now.
    I see 2 file manager ,gallery, camera option i uninstall these unnecessary apps after again make my phone root.
    Even till now my phone was work smooth.
    Now problem rise when i unistall htc gallery system app then htc camera work but i was unable to see pics. So i install htc gallery again from playstore.
    Now see what happend next in my phone
    first popup that i see on phone
    htc sense stopped
    2- stopped
    and my phone shut down.
    I start it again on i start sucessfully but same popup i see.

    Then i reinstall your lollipop rom sucessfulyy by follow your instructions.

    Please do something iam in big proble i don’t want make my phone grip.
    Tell me what problem is this and also soution ?
    Plz reply urgently

  • to use 4g on desire 620g is possible or not or its only myth ?
    the 4g signal that catch by smartphones dependson only software or hardware componets of phone.
    tell me these two ques ?

  • Thanks a lot for this, it worked fine on my HTC 620-g. There is however a problem with the sim cards. My cellular data in particular is not working properly. Sometimes it just won’t go on . What can I do about it?

  • Sir I have installed the recovery( cm14.1) and when I press the vol. Down and power I am getting the option in chinese and now I am in big problem as my phone is not able to detect sim card.
    Please help!!!

  • Hello Guys,
    I forget to backup original ROM.Can anyone plz send the original ROM to my email. Plz guys I really need it.

  • I successfully installed lollipop rom but I am unable to move my apps to my 16 gb SD card . Every time I press on ‘move to sd card ‘
    Error pops up with message “can’t most app,not enough storage” while my sd card has 10 gb free space. Can you tell me what can I do?

  • bro, I have installed marshmallow in htc desire 620 g everything working good but my both sim is undetectable , please solve my problem dear…… fast…. please…..

  • bro can you please tell me how to uninstall “Root HTC Desire 620 G”, am not able to use my mobile full of unknown apps are downloading automatically.
    Please help here.

  • I was able to install the ROM in my HTC desire 620g. Now the OS type is cyanogenmod. I would like to know how do I install regular OS update on my phone, because whenever I try to update the OS from About Phone section in the settings, it says unable to connect to internet! πŸ˜€ but I am always connected to my home wifi. πŸ˜€ Please suggest.

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