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Top 5 ways to grow traffic from stumbleupon in 2015

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Stumbleupon, one of the best traffic generators for your website and on the other hand a great cost effective tool to keep things tight at your budget. Stumbleupon not only helps in growing traffic but also warms you up with handsome conversions. When you are having social bookmarking websites and web directories to lead traffic why will you go for these? That’s the first question that arises and I am the one here to solve that for you.

Well the first fact is the user feedback, in interacting with stumbleupon the user stumbles a particular page or he or she may like it and to be more specifically you can randomly search new contents with a line-up shown to you.

Now let’s begin how you can convert a great percentage of traffic from it by fair means obviously 🙂

Quality Contents

In these days you are already aware that how important are contents in regards to the success for a blog. Moreover be sure of the fact that if the content you are providing is not up to that quality then you stand no chance in the market.

The more poor your content is the more dislike it will count upon and finally it will be left half dead and will be of no use. You should know that how you can add a productive content that turns into a great conversion.

At first make sure that the idea of the whole concept is clear. An eye catch “Headline” along with “A great Introduction” can bring a huge difference to the blog-post you have written. Try to make the blog-post a bit controversial to attract the attention of the readers and taunt them in every prospect but don’t make the person un-easy by any means.

Videos are of a great use these days. If you are having a great video and tutorials of your writing then the user activeness increases like anything and trust worthy of the article increases directly or indirectly.

Images are of a great importance but make sure that you don’t get caught in the hand of copyrights so better choose copyright images to make the post look a bit viral in nature. If you had ever paid a bit attention and read the posts carefully you would have found that Info graphics has a great reputation in stumbleupon so go with info graphics to enjoy the fullest.


In this modern world none of us do anything for free as we are so busy in scheduling our time so where there is a little profit we get’s attracted there. So we are doing the same with stumbleupon too. After readying a great content we are adding a viral frame to it so that user get’s addicted with that content and follows every links in it. Many of us got benefitted through it and average traffic increased from 4,000 per day to 40,000 per day so you can get a clear idea that by simple stumbleupon you can earn so much traffic free of cost.

To make things more convenient just as you all adds “Alexa badge” to boost up your Alexa ranking try adding “Stumbleupon” badge to your website it will surely boost your traffic and improve your alexa so double benefit after integrating it.

Shortening and Toolbar

Using bitly and Google shortners till now? Try the essence of something new these days, switch with the stumbleupon shortner and enrich the world of potential from it. It is not only Social friendly but also supports Facebook and Twitter whereas paid shortners like is considered as a spam. So sharing has also been turned so easy with it.

Now let’s come to the emerging toolbar. The toolbar is quite flat in design yet it gives you a real time experience by availing the facility of “Dashboard”, easy sharing of your post in social networks and much more to add upon.

Add Peer Group

Yes, give your content a new reader, start following the others and let the other follow you so that you can directly share the content with that person. So start practicing the method of following others today with the hope that they will follow you the more the number raises ultimately more success you will get into the world of success.

Try to be a bit wise seeks those who express same ideas like you. Try searching people with same minds so that they gets interest to your content rather simply disliking it without knowing the whole topic though how good it be.

If you have seen LinkedIn then you won’t be confused at this part as both shares the same prospect that includes showing the mutual skill level of each other while browsing through each other’s profile. This will really help you to predict that they will really come back to follow you or not.

More to add

After you are done with the following part the world full of opportunities arose in front of you and you can avail those opportunities with the toolbar provided to you. You will see a symbol red whenever a mutual friend of yours interacts something on your profile on the other hand take a note on few things that how much they are likely towards your content and see that they had performed any actions or not.

If you found that your friend is online then you can grab the opportunity of emailing the person or getting touch with IM where you can ask for stumbles but make sure you are polite in your attitude and depicting it to be a friendly stumble.

Time for the Final Words

Well that’s the most sorrowful part yet am a human not a robot that I can write all the day, don’t think on this take it to be  a joke. I was telling that if you are looking for an enourmous steady traffic then stumbleupon is an ideal choice to grab so. You will see that thousands of dollars are being saved and you are getting direct traffic free of cost with little effort. So think today, start with some fresh contents and tell us your experience with this and keep blogging and support ProbloggingHq.

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