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Top 10 Blogging communities to get high traffic

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According to me if you want to drive out enormous direct referrals, a blogging community is a must need things for you. But things that should be kept in mind is where you are joining, even you can create a community but that’s not equal in worthy with the past communities that emerged few years ago with lots of social visitors.  So don’t get deceived by the style, see the ranking and the traffic status to get a broader view of the whole concept.

So here is the list of communities which you can join 🙂

blogging communities

Blog Engage

The name of Blog engage completely satisfies it as it not only help you to publish your posts but on the upper hand helps you to interact by voting, commenting and much more. If you are a newbie then close your eyes and start submitting your posts today, I bet you will get your maximum conversion from there in the form of traffic and backlink. Also you can get the chance to be featured their as with the maximum “Up Vote” your post can be published to “Home Page” which definitely is a great exposure when you will have 3000+ members in the community.

blogging communities


Indiblogger is multitasking social website that has both forum and a social community. Joining here needs approval but the whole process is quick. You can submit your Urls there and can get listed in the homepage too if you get maximum vote. You can also create friends and can chat with each other so “Indiblogger” is a great way to drive mass traffic.

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It’s not as effective as Blog Engage, yet you can call it to be a social bookmarking website with the facility same as blog engage. You can also vote your favourite post and remember that this community is just emerging so there’s a lot to do in it. On the other hand in recent days it is emerging like anything so you can consider it to be a fresh start to look for traffic.

blogging communities


DoSplash has been created by Jane Sheeba the founder of Probloggingsuccess. This is also a new community yet emerging and fast growing. With the avaibility of top blogger in this group, you automatically get recognized if you post something unique and awesome. It has a great blogsphere as it helps fellow users to interact with each other.

blogging communities


Blokube is also an awesome community to share and get mass traffic fromn visitors. It also acts in the same formula of voting each other’s post and mutually interacting with each other.

blogging communities


Manage wp is a great website, especially for worpress users. If you have created any contents that are co-related with wordpress then you can post into “Manage Wp” to drive awesome traffic through it. It’s a fast growing and emerging community so it’s a better choice for all new bloggers.

blogging communities

Biz Sugar

I consider Biz Sugar to be a bit unique for its awesome interaction facilities. Here community will vote you upon the tips submitted by the other users so that things and the whole voting system are neutral in its whole aspect. The formula is same here too the highest and the most relevant article gets a chance to stand in the homepage. If someone connects with you, you will be informed and on the other hand you can share your video and blog posts too.

Writer Social

Having an awesome content? Not getting that much traffic from search engine? Then go for writer social to outreach to your targeted audience. If your content is good you will be immediately given real hits from active visitors.


Blogher is a great social community and you can earn backlinks from their too. It’s a fast growing community and is becoming more viral these days as people are getting free do-follow backlinks from it. Not only things ends here enormous traffic is what you can also get from there so start joining from today to have a better future next days.


So for me it’s a good website if you want some good traffic. Remember standing a chance here is a bit high as your content needs to be more awesome if you want to have some good direct referrals. The community strength is not so good yet it can be a good choice for getting some referrals.

So this is the “Top 10 list for Social communities”, this communities can be regarded as a start for beginners and a give-way to get enormous direct traffics. So better start creating accounts here today if you don’t want to suffer in future. If I missed something please state it here I will be happy to add that next time J






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