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Is Google Adsense a Scam?

Is Google adsense scam, well that’s the major controversy that arises in the modern world of blogging. Many a problogger states that adsense is  scam where else few regard it to be a great source of income for their living. Now before heading to the controversy let’s learn a bit about Google Adsense. Well this are for newbie as it is must need that they should learn about for what they are going on.

Adsense is totally a third party application where people posts their advertisement and on account of user cookies and the country where he lives adds are brought on to that person. On other words advertisers starts their campaign on Google adwords later from that website owner implement it to their blog to show the most relevant add to the viewer so that the person clicks and get’s redirected to a third-party website. Every click gets converted into a piece of money and when after a person crosses the threshold of $100 Google pays him or her.

Point of Controversy

Well after getting banned, lots of web-owners come with an appeal that they are totally innocent and didn’t click on their own. That’s the lame excuse that comes straightly on their mind, yet I have to say that all are not wrong some may be banned unnecessarily but you can’t accuse Google Adsense directly for that.

As we all know that Google never share any sorts of data analysis or the IP directed so hands will go straight against them. If this part is fixed then lots of mouths will shut down completely for accusing Google.

What to do?

One point is clear that if your Adsense gets banned you will never get it back by any means and I have never heard someone to get back their Adsense account. This news was also viral that Zac Johnson also lost his 10 years old Adsense from his blog. Though I don’t know whose fault was there behind loosing the Adsense account.

For the initial purpose let’s forget that and head back to our topic. Firstly if you are using worpress platform search for the plugins with keywords”Adsense Fraud click Checker”. These sorts of plugins will not only keep your Adsense safe but will also give you maximize protection.

If you are having Jetpack installed then goes to the site stats option. Once you are there in the site stats check the “Recorded clicks on your blog”, the recorded clicks will give you a brief idea about everything.

If you are a new blogger then go through their terms and regulations, once done with that part never go for self clicking even with a thought of testing it. Don’t get indulge in Black hat SEO that includes automatic traffic generating software’s or joining in Adsense groups where blogger exchanges clicks.


The fact of controversy and protecting your Adsense is completely clear I guess. If you are thinking to earn a great living you should always follow Google Adsense as for me it’s a great way to earn money online. Once you are accepted by Adsense consider it to blessing, don’t get panic if you don’t earn, better try optimizing your website and find better places to link up the Adsense links. Have a safe blogging with Adsense.

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