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How to increase your Keyword Ranking on Google?

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Well, I myself also searched this an year ago yet I was left un answered, I searched on Google saw the article on “Forbes” yet the whole thing was a mystery that “How can you get fast keyword ranking on Google” so finally with an year of experience I came up with the exact step by step guide how you can have a better ranking in a Google for your specific keywords.

So let’s learn it without wasting our precious valuable time.


You are starting a blog so I guess you know the meaning of On Page and Off Page optimization and know how to make your website “SEO” ready, if you don’t know then don’t worry am there to guide you up.

So when you are framing an Article you have to be sure that you include your “Keyword” in the title for a better performance. Also the term “Top 10” “Best Article” “Updated xyz in 2015” ranks much better than  normal articles does as “Google” is always wandering for fresh contents to get some new ideas.

Next step that comes in “Optimization” is addition of “Meta Keywords” and a good summary, even people on search engine get’s attracted by your summary too so that’s the potential to rank high and get huge traffics pointing towards your blog.

Also try to keep things simple and note this part that an optimum title for a blog post should be 55 letters for a better performance. So a title “Top 10 SEO websites in 2015” is far better than “SEO websites” see, you yourself can figure out this difference.


According to me finding keywords ideas are easy when you are having “Google Keyword Planner” to use for free. This tool not only finds the best keywords but also on other hand is free to use without any limits.

So you can find your best keywords just by gathering some ideas. You should know something that at first place you can’t rank higher in “High competition” keywords, also ranking high in “Medium Keywords” is also a problem. Start finding “Low Competitive” keywords as those acts the best when you are first starting a website.

Also check the variation of Search volume so that you can get a rough calculation on the number of visitors that a single keyword can redirect towards you.

So you have the keyword now you should know how to implement it. Try to implement your main keywords in the first 100 words of the article it’s a great way to rank high. Uses of “Alt tags” leaves a drastic change in your keyword ranking so better start learning about “Alt tags”.

In an article of 500 words say suppose the minimum keyword density that I prefer is 2 percent not more than that or less than that, make it a thumb rule if you want to boost up with your ranking.

Inbound Links

Inbound links are a great way to improve your “Domain Authority”, not only it ends to “Domain Authority” but also improves your bounce rates. Bounce rate increases as a single person gets redirected to different pages and posts of your website thus the “Surfing time” on your website increases rather leaves a great impact to your website.

Now let’s learn how to implement inbound links for keyword ranking. Be specific to what you are offering, never try to deceive or fool your visitor be straight to the topic and bound links that are more likely related to the niche. If a person is looking on a “blogging article” and by-mistakenly if you guide that person to a “health article” with your link then you will surely lose your visitor at no excuse.

Variation is what wants to see, vary your links, post links that are specific and valuable. Linkup between old and new posts to have a great impact in your website.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is not regarded as an effective solution to rank high, yet still now it works and for me it definitely worked for low competitive keywords with a monthly visitors of 1.5k. So you can do blog commenting in four ways, firstly by paid commenting by simply adding your urls in the comment to get a backlink. Secondly you can go for comment luv enabled blogs but most probably all blogs gives no-follow links to your posts so not so effective. Third one is by either adding your “Keyword” in place of your “Name” or going through “Keyword Luv” enabled blogs. Fourthly Paid and manual scheme of commenting, it’s a best way as in this you will get a do-follow link. Though not so effective yet a backlink indeed at the end of the day.

Guest Posting

Though “Adam Torkidson” was the first to reveal that “Guest posting” is dead still I don’t believe that as still now Guest posting has a huge demands. Rather I should say that “Guest Posting” is not dead, “Network blog” posting is dead. Try to get backlinks from authorative website and pointing towards your article is a great way to get a better position in search engine ranking. Try to avoid “Expired or Deleted domains” Also find the domains relevant to your niche or the whole thing will go in vain.

Sharing is Caring

Try to share your blog post in different social media websites. Though social media has no impact on your website “SEO” value yet a great way to gather traffic, comments etc. A social shared article has a great value since “Google” can trust it if users find it awesome.

Try submitting in Google plus communities, Forums, Facebook, Twitters etc. Sharing buttons are also good and if you can create your own fan page then people can follow your posts directly.

Whenever you are doing any social promotion you need to have an eye catchy title along with extraordinary images to attract Audience like a buzz.

Outstanding Content!

Well content is the king. If you see that there is a little competition for a long tail keyword then you can use that keyword as a title of your blog post and the writing should be completely unique so that “Search engines” are forced to rank you higher.

There are many cases when Website with extraordinary content ranked higher than blogs with hundreds of low quality backlinks supporting their content on same keyword. So be creative and come up with your unique ideas to rank high.


Firstly these are some of the effective tips that will help you to rank higher in the specific keywords you choose. The total guide is broken down into step by step process so that one never gets confused in implementing it. I hope these unique ideas will help you to boost up your online presence. Did I miss anything here? Do you know any effective tips to rank high and fast with your specific keywords? If so please tell me am begging as I am waiting to hear that only.






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